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The Muslim Cushites

Assalamu Alikayameen, with the name of Elah (tav Salah tala Elahi) the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate, Consort of Light, the Most Evident, the Most Beneficial.

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Assalamu Alikayameen, we thank you for visiting the website, that of the Sabian Muslims, and we are joyful to say and to remind many, that despite the schemes of what we call the ‘System of the Beast’, that Islam is, rather than decreasing, is, in fact increasing in every place just as the prophecies have foretold, just as the First Light increases, and so is to all the earth made manifest. (To order a Quryan, ie.,’the Koreh’ or Kara’a, scroll down to the last page and find the instructions)

And so this which is further enlarged by those who practice Islam as it was first given, we keep its practice as it developed from antiquity, and adhere to the Holy Quryan, that which unto the whole world is made manifest, that preserved as it was revealed from the very dawn of history. The succession of its Messengers must be from it (Islam) as it was disclosed and preserved from the very first of languages, and so not as something ‘discovered’ after the start of say, the Medieval Period. With much peace and poise, we must also say that, contrary to the assertions of some, especially those who call themselves ‘scholars’ and ‘theologians’, that not only is the practice of Islam found in the oldest of languages, but in the subsequent languages as well, such as the Syriac and Hebrew for example. While it is ever our cause to talk about the peace and purpose of Islam, we often find ourselves having to spend much time correcting and removing the many clever assumptions against it, these attempts are varied and subtle, and often made to appear as to be without a design or intention, and so also comes from many various places, for example, those ‘scholars’ and ‘theologians’ just mentioned. We are Muslims with those who wish to be Muslims with us, but to the pundits who present themselves as Muslim scholars who receive not, they then must relish a peculiar form of Islam not from a verified root, in that cause then they are the ones with an ‘innovation’, we are disclosing Islam from the very first languages and customs of the original vanguards of the deen. So if they wish to muddy the waters, we can defiantly show a light which is not of the muddy pool which they make.

For example, a current and very clever ploy has been in process from many of them, their scheme? that because Islam is preserved in some more modern languages, that Islam should then be shown to start with those religions which developed at the time of those modern languages, the older languages and peoples thereof are conveniently excluded, the ‘beginning’ therefore, is to be understood, only from the instances disclosed in the religions associated with the newer languages, and hence, the supposed effect, that these more modern religions are responsible for the birth of Islam, a very clever ploy, insinuating then, that the Islamic concepts and proofs are dissociated from the older, and given credibility only as it is shown to be a byproduct of the more recent religions. For this, and for certain other reasons, many are deluded to understand Islam as a practice which did not start in antiquity with the Akkadian, Cushite, Sumerian, and Canaanite peoples, its original practice is dissipated therefore, according to that scheme, and associated with the alterations and misrepresentations of later claimants, incidents, and misguided theologians as a service to their nationalistic urges and racial predilections for sabotage.

But the ancient and true forms of Islam, it’s principles, it’s practice, its history, and it’s traditions, are preserved in those first languages, the symbols derivative therefrom and their constructs. These ‘scholars’ and ‘religious teachers’, do not reveal that their religions have the form of Islam in them because their associative languages are derivations of the older ones, their teachings are effective to deceive, because they have secured to many the narrative that Islam started somewhere later in history. But this Quryana does not adhere to their narrative, and reveals the practice of Islam from the very beginning of time, exemplifying that which was even preserved in the ancient cuneiform tablets. We further acknowledge that we suspect that some of these ‘scholars’ and their religious associates secretly admire Islam, and so think to show Islam in the Syriac and Aramaic languages, for example, as an attempt to fashion a likeness of it to their own discourse in a secret admitting of an inescapable truth, and as a way to provide substance to its fleeting credibility. But Islam cannot be made a supplement to their religions or beliefs, because their credence of philosophy was fashioned as a supplement and an amalgamation to what preceded it, although theirs had, and has in it a clever design to remove the efficacy of Islam, the sad truth is that they want the benefits of it without its preeminence and inherent nature. And this mainly because its efficacy necessitates the removal of their agenda and falsifications, and not only that, but that they then must find themselves adhering to a Messiah whose land and tradition they are now in a process to try to acquire, conceal and control.

Those speaking about Islam, or meddling with Islam, or trying to be interpreters of its meaning from some setting other than it’s root are flawed in their intent and procedure, we assert, those trying to make interpretations for its definition, and its causes, and it’s purpose, and its tradition, only reveal themselves as malingerers whose true motives are to continue to develop a planned sabotage on behalf of a sinister global agenda. The first thing that these individuals need to do, if they want to relate themselves in some true fashion to Islam, is to admit that it comes from a culture and a heritage in which they are neither the originators, or the controllers of, if these so mentioned wish to have any type of authentic relation to it, they need to find themselves in support of its first vanguards. True Islam is not revealed to be a thing made subject and complementary to their particular affinities, no matter how much they try to passive aggressively implement a convenient scheme. Blessed then are the ones who search honestly for truth without regards to ploys of nationalism. And we submit that there is no need for one to adopt the imposed, invented, and so called confusions about Islam in order to run after government-sponsored religions which help secure a user-friendly process for its corporate crooks, we assert the universality of Islam, and that this Quryana can only be consistent in essence to whatever has graced itself unfrivolously in its name. It is then not offered here for debates and vain inquiries, or to satisfy the curiosity, but those who wish to apply themselves to the dina in accords with what is clearly and openly disclosed in the foreword of the book.

You will also find that, against Islam, as the Kriyan reveals, that concerning certain ‘holy books’ received by those sympathetic to that afore mentioned sinister process, that there is, as was said, a hidden agenda, a planned design to destroy Islam, fashioned into religious jargon and holy admonitions by subsequent ‘religions’, but containing a hidden code, the purpose of which, we assert, was, and is, to destroy the only practice which has the power to destroy the originators of chaos. Unfortunately, because certain things were relayed to the peoples as authentic practices from antiquity, like blood sacrifices and brazen lavers, while a practice more prevalent than that was being obscured, many have been turned away from Islam because they associate its terms and words, customs and procedures, with erroneous replacements, many of which shunned them in its own name. But Islam is yet without  provenance, its existence from antiquity is without question, as the Quryana reveals, and therefrom, its particular style of practice is consistent with its origins and essence preserved in those very first dialects and irrefutable truths. And so, it is after this fashion, that the Quryan is not dependent on those latent languages for what it must achieve from translation, only that it retains the right to retrieve and elucidate the essences of the values preserved in them as also higher and preeminent transmissions. All that one thinks that they know about Islam could be wrong if their teachers, scholars, instructors, and imams, are instructing  something from that which developed as a novelty of latent concepts and latter vernaculars, save, if they have preserved its quintessence.

And so we see how the evil in the world works, the ones who had nothing to do with the origins of a thing, and who were pagans historically, are able to inject themselves in somehow as the true and only representatives, relegating the original vanguards as their servants and students, or attempting so vainly to do so, just as we have seen recently with certain ones asserting the Cushites to be as ‘pagans’. Often times men challenge our teachers concerning their scholarship in linguistics or training from some university regarding languages, historical linguistics, comparative philosophy and or hieroglyphics, but we direct your attention to the fact that these so-called ‘scholars’, in all their knowledge, have not revealed to you that Islam is found within the oldest symbols and ideograms, the first of foundations and origins. In all their promised knowledge pledged to deliver, and great airs of dialogue, they have cleverly relegated Islam to a more recent time, keeping that secret to themselves regarding its antiquity, none of their linguistic studies or skills could make them forfeit that ploy. This, we assert, is the importance of not relying upon institutions which have been funded from certain ones who direct those instructors in accordance with financial interests, for those types teach what they are told to teach for fear of losing their ‘tenure’. We also must make it plain that there are certain religious sects who also do not understand that Islam is found in the very first instances of mankind’s discourse and awareness, again, the very first symbols from which the first languages are distilled from, the developments, of which, were simultaneous with the very first cultures, and so, cannot be denied because some later groups picked Islam up as a form of idolatry and planet worship, or tried to show a later version of Islam from a disparate comprehension.

These particular groups have also used a very clever ploy amongst themselves by the use of the word ‘paganism’, to associate a style of Islam which they know little about from the same, nevertheless, we must reveal that the Qeryan is from restored manuscripts in accordance with a universal archetype, and why the argument of many religions, and the attempt at various ‘belief systems’ against it does not stand, there is no cause which does not precede from it, and in the preface of the Quryana is it found in simple terms, how that its proof as the first and only true dina (religion) cannot be denied. It is said and taught in it and amongst us therefore, that the Shemiltha the ‘Shemata’, is the first sound heard before one enters into the world, and the last sound preserved from memory just before one leaves the world, of that, the very first utterance, the very manifestation of a root of sequences, codes, values of letters, evinced patterns, symbols, waves of light, rhythmic variations of numbers, and vibrations which proceed even the motions of the heavens itself. It is to this that the recitations of the Quryan are joined, and by these same things mentioned will one find why the name for all the true scrolls or ‘books’ had to bear its name. And so also, with much peace we say that, one can neither hear the call of it, nor read it, apart from pure intentions and honest motives, without these, it is sealed, for the powers and inferences of the Kriyan are calculated in a different way, by these, any faith that a person thought to be a requirement for themselves, is found at the very beginning of the true Torah which is restored within its pages. And in continuation regarding seemingly erroneous assertions or disclosures mentioned as from the divine. We also have not found any concept or teaching in any lectionary or book so named as with Islam which advocates a qiba, whose teaching, teachings, or statements, are not rectified by a parenthetical elucidation from the Kiryan, for example, the purity of water which is inextricably composed of the name of the true Messenger/ Messengers of Islam could not be denied in the past, nor is it denied by us now.

Nevertheless, in continuation, let it be stressed once more, that one should beware of places of learning whose instructors may be within institutions requiring them to be loyal to the ones who give those institutions funding, and so also of those religious books which those institutions are in favor of. It is not rational to think that those individuals would develop or teach honestly about Islam, when the nature of Islam itself is opposed to the very process upon which they are established, and so the very agendas which they promote. This is also the nature of many of the current religious institutions which operate with the approval of those same destructive and misleading policies alluded to, and so show themselves to be useful to but that end, groups which are trying to strengthen and sure up their ethnicity based upon these ‘government sponsored’ religions and philosophies are gravely in error, what is mandatory for the revealing of the origins of those particular ethnicities and the true history of them are not found in those books, their preservation, their current delimas, the inception and development of their gifts and true purpose, but the instructions for aiding the philosophy, wellbeing, and self-serving agendas of the former is. Trying to fight against the Devil within the framework, and within the narrative of those whose actions, policies, and current programs are of the same nature, to then talk about ‘redemption’ and ‘sin’ is but an imposed delusion of some form of cowardice, those so inclined cannot comprehend these things, and we cannot waste our time with them. What we have now is a situation where certain gullible ‘enforcers’ are trying to fight crime from corporate promisers who ensure unaccountability to themselves to then increase it under the terms of their own interests and definitions, an increase which ensures chaos, which then makes their own sinister intentions less obvious and less pursuable.

We will also assert that, in order to stabilize something, one must adhere to the root from which it came, for this cause we have discovered some of these representatives trying to ‘Christianize’ Islam, and we say with peace that the smarter ones amongst them have figured out what the dimmer ones amongst them have not, that it (the dialogue of their belief) cannot persist as it is, becoming again but a subtle attempt to legitimize and preserve their latent religion and its injection into the social fabric for some strange attempt at preservation. The Christ principle does not need a latter religion whose Christ was developed from a Roman conformist and advocate to ordain it, the Christ principle is from the beginning, never made disparate to Islam at its inception, and to receive its full effect, and not the version of devious sponsors as in its name, it must be received from the root. Many of these individuals who think themselves to have received a divine commission, have received nothing but a government approval and sponsored belief system, the fact that certain government bodies of national representative are in favor of its promotion should be proof enough as to what its true nature is. The nature of it, as these sponsors have delighted in, subsidizes the very thing in which it was designed in its original form to remove, the fact that both of those parties can increase at the same time in cooperation one with the other should be blindingly obvious regarding the ridiculousness of what has been gullibly received by the unfortunate as moral and necessary. Others who try to fuse that errant spiritual principle with Islam are usually trying to enjoin concepts of religions whose teachings are not what they were from the very first, making it impossible to enjoin them after that fashion, attempting to amalgamate Islam with a supposed spirituality which is favored from some other culture or race which has shown itself to be at the expense of its the original. And for certain ones who have sought out Quryana to adjust their philosophies, mainly those who have tried to attach that aforementioned spiritual principle to the land of Israel, or Arabia, Cush, or Egypt, with themselves in regards to a tradition they have for themselves created, we ask them not to purchase Quryana, again, we are not interested in debates, or in those who claim to have ‘truth’ but who wish to seek out Quryana, while at the same time trying to acknowledge something beholding to it, or those who have resigned themselves to trying to pick through and scrap up some sort of traditional pride from those subsequent manuscripts ungrateful to their own origins.

Let us also say also with much peace, that, in neither the ancient revealed writings, or in any other manuscripts or inscriptions to be attributed as divinely inspired, were we from our ancestors, or amongst ourselves, able to find any deity, or any inference as from the divine, which had any concern with blood sacrifices, the torturing of animals, burnt beasts, blood oaths, or the need of a divine being to savor charred smoke and singed fumes, or which had any delight in or demand for torched effluvium. The Quryana is not a lectionary  based upon those fables and topics which came about by the tampering of various scrolls and sabotagers as their prophets. Let this also be relayed, that there are many mandatory and necessary teachings which the Quryan preserves, and that , one without a true understanding, may think to convert from Islam to Christianity, or from Christianity to Buddhism, or from Hinduism to Zoroastrianism or visa versa, knowing not that all of these were preserved in the former (Islam) before any variations and traditional deviances against it began. All of these, save for facile and frivolous notions, such as Pauline Christianity, are shown within the pages of the Quryana to have their start in Islam. It is Islam which preserves the Christ principle, its appearance in some of these later variations need not to be sought for to find its efficacy, the theory that there are various opinions and beliefs which should be concluded, that there are many ways to truth, should be forsaken, again, which Quryana so clearly proves and demonstrates. Islam is based upon the only first universal archetype, whatever attempts to precede it as a cause to practice, knowledge, truth, or faith, is inherently flawed.

it is our understanding and admission, that various multiple and useless pedantic debates and opinions are but excuses implanted in many people to keep them from the only true way to reach an assurance with the divine. So then, for example, along the path of the right way, the Jew does not convert from Judaism to Islam, he or she returns to the original teachings of the Torah contained in the Quryana, and hence, keeps the practice of Islam as it was preserved from the first, for  the world to wait for a late date in history for some latent development for what was already revealed as sufficent and mandatory, is a serious blunder, the absurdity of such a thing is clearly evident, especially concerning those things aforementioned which developed around some man, who, unknown to the millions of peoples which preceded him, is supposed to offer salvation to the remainder, having been determined by the progenitor of his own creed to be unnecessary to the multitudes of humanity which existed beforehand without him. Religions such as that are evident proofs against themselves, as to the numbers alluded to above, they depend only on what Elah has revealed, not on how the words or letters as their values are arranged, their formulation can only be perceived by a type of reflexive apprehension, the letters and signs are therefore symbolic values, as, for example, the products of an integer, as a perfect number with itself, regardless of how they are calculated or read, the product and the conclusion is the same. Let this also be said to those who have shown a particular ignorance about the importance of a foundation and or creed, that a book (of this designation) even at the very least, is an apotheosis of an ethos, the fact that you are deprived of one, or have one which doesn’t even mention the Cushite (and that especially in relation to Islam) shows why you feel it is of minimal importance, and so why you have no standard and binding direction, and why you must disrespect yourself and go to that of other people’s whose books and scrolls speak of the divine in absence of the original vanguards which were used by the divine to relay the divine message.

It is also our assertion that the Called are equipped for proofs of things germane to the calling, whatever its nature and verifications may or may not be unto another, the uncalled then are not designed to conceive it, and are not our concern, and their pessimism is not a power against it, neither by doubts, or debates, or traditional unfulfillments, or cleverness, or apathy, or ethnic grandeurs, or subversive scholars so named, or any other such forms of nuisance. The application of oneself then to Source is both an empirical and a spiritual application, its rewards are in context with the purity of the applicant, (hence the required ablutions) the benefits and the seeds thereof are no less deficient to the dynamic of the encoded mystery, the process by which Quryana is restored shall not be concluded along with those creeds which were tampered with as to be a form of its discourse. With much peace we then also say that no divine being ever directed men to roast their food over human  excrement, or to keep blood festivals, or established a system to engender labor, or stated that it favored one race over another race, or, and yet still, directed men unto capitulations to ignore the ruin caused by one group against the other. All of these types of teachings from so-called gods and heavenly beings are fabrications which were injected in amongst mankind by counterfeit spirits to destroy the efficacy and unity of Islam against the purity and simplicity of it’s origins. Individuals now trying to display things which were purposely concealed from the peoples, such as theories of the Annunaki and such related subjects, not as omissions made away from Islam, but as disparate and preeminent discoveries in apathy of it, are derelict in their inability to show them as substantive to their parenthetical existences from Islam.

And so, with this, let us also convey that it has been made clear,  no deity necessary to Islam ever required a son of his to be a blood sacrifice to save mankind, but rather, Messiah is found in this way, as the crowning achievement of the designated appointees of the Islamic community and its halifad, who then apply themselves in a concord to the divine as an apotheosis from a process of the same, the potential, the prophetic lineage and commission of the prophet Isa, (peace be upon him) let it be said again that ‘Jesus’ and Isa are not the same personage in the Islamic traditions of history, and hence, in the Kriyan, and Isa offers to us no vicarious death. And so, with much peace, and in continuation, we affirm that, the blood of no human is going to save another human, Messiah is a living concept and embodiment of the principles and nature, the meaning and the application of Islam on earth as it tends unto Heavenly realities, the supreme representatives of the message. Indeed, we are the Muslims who know and believe in the Messiah, but not that one of Flavius Paulis the deceiver, that one called so adequality the M’su Rumayya, or ‘the Roman Messiah,’ he who had his letters directed to the Romans while the soldiers of the House of the Abduruds were being crucified. And by this shall you know your friend from your enemy, for the one who does not readily admit these things works for a racial identity under the ploy of some government-sponsored religion or agenda, and he who admits these things seeks a true path with all good men. For, according to the teachings of the Torah, (that restored in Kiryan) when one says to another ‘ peace be upon you,’ he or she is not pledging to support the systems which take peace away from the world,  but is in fact pledging to remove the one, or the ones, who cause chaos in the world.

And so let it be understood that Elah (tav sala tala Elahi) did not establish any for a divine appointment after Pauline or Roman Christianity,  or any institution claiming to have a vicor which itself does nothing but aid the very systems which exploit the peoples. Those having a Torah which conceals the true initiations of the develop of the name of Mohammad (peace be upon him), or those having ‘prophecies’ which are unconnected to the root of Islam, are usually of books which have been tampered with and are the religions of their byproducts. Unfortunately the Judaism and Christianity that exists today is the same that was initiated by the Flavians, it gave its principles to the names of the very first slave ships, and it has been an aid to those who have done things which ought not to have been done, and that in complete opposition to the first and true form of practice revealed by Elah.

Proof of those false religions being what they are is that they did not, and do not, cause those abuses to end, but rather, follow along after the agenda of corrupt systems while spouting about an imaginary ‘Devil’, all the while  purposely and knowingly engendering, aiding in, and supported those things, agents, and initiatives which can be called nothing but the Devil, sanctioning the institutions and universities whose instructions and teachings are yet still today the main proponents of murders, thefts, corrupt courts, and injustices. Those who assemble in the continuation of such things in silence in those theological organizations, and those so called institutions of learning, are pledging the most grievous injustices and intentions against all the peoples of the world, or wherever their influences extend to. With much peace we must say that it is sad to have to relay that those who oppose these now obvious truths are usually the same ones who have positioned themselves to be as the ‘authentic voices’ of learning, and the ‘legitimate representatives’ of religion, but in fact, especially regarding the latter, neither they nor their ancestors were either Christians or Jews, but rather were, more likely than not, pagans. As an Iushadite or Zahumite, Cushite or Sefida the same, one finds Christ in that witness which is most evident, as it is said, ‘by Abdes Al’ Samas d Mashiach’, for the dina of Islam is inescapably rooted in what gives all men life, and is most evident as the same, the name of true divinity which is manifest to shine light and truth against wickedness and darkness.

It is Ben Isa who resides now in the land prophesied to the descendants of the Messiah, and those then who dwelled in a very prominent way from the days of old now in Mauritania, or its place where the sun sets as it were, these, and other descendants of the Lord, the true Desposynai of the Messiah, not one who offers men life while at the same time engendering the same to destory the lands from which his doctrine was borrowed, but again, one who does not offer a vicarious death, but an opportunity for life by supporting the roots and the regions from which the prophecy sprouted. These things must be relayed, and in relaying them, we must provoke controversy because of the many treacherous acts and forms of propaganda done against a very simple practice, and because there are individuals who have been sent to turn the issue into a cultural supremacy battle, but the original languages bear out the truth, as we have said. Not only the direct references to the prophets that we have herein mentioned, but the other prophets which are mentioned in the Quryana. Some of these opposing groups, while meaning well, have become a detriment to themselves, and have presented themselves before many as to be the only authentic representatives of the creed, as was said, not only for what it means to be a follower of Christ, but now much more so also recently, as for Islam, hence the particular reading or wording of our introduction, for  it is those who keep the practice of Quryana, it is you who are the true majority, it is your influence in which Heaven is concerned. As was alluded to, the keeping of the Christ principle as it relates to Islam is not to be understood here by the concept of

‘Christlam’, the affixing of two consequential elements from an altered and latent set of creeds in an attempt to enjoin them as an entirety as the truth, the attempt to do so in that way only affixes two amalgamated principles into an incomplete concept as a supposed whole, this is the relaying that the latent religions, in order to find their pre- composite viability, must do so by rejoining the source, for example, the true elements which remain in modern Christianity were already preserved in the ancient practice of Islam. So, with much peace, understand what has been affirmed to us through many trials and proofs, and from the continuation and progression of the plan of Elah regarding the battle of light against darkness, that it is revealed in the Torah (that true and original one which is preserved and restored in Quryan, the captivity of the ancient Iushadites, the Baribi peoples, the same, to continue as the vanguards of that which is from the foundation. The great foretelling and prophecy, concerning those just mentioned, of whom then Heaven is most concerned, and so also then in regards to a foreknown diaspora, and that then most prominently to the Americas, that there were then only two groups of captives, we assert, Zahumites or ‘Iushadites’ as we have said, and those not the same by whatever designation’.

Who then are the vanguards of a mandatory foundation and doctrine? who comes from a land or lands, a place unexpected and yet preserved from a vile and pernicious social engineering for a restoration of them entailed? by whom then has it been elucidated and preserved, conveyed, and given maturation? If that awaiting region is to escape vanity and ethnic incompetence, where then is it’s representative amongst those who keep their hopes, what then is to be unto those who deny the command? if the latter have not been given the concern or the prophecy, if it is not in them, surely then a purity of pedigree is to them lacking,  and a claim in genealogy is wanting in regards to a restoration for them.  For we assert, in regards to those two groups, that a terrible insinuation was set against them both, in the very atmosphere of the ages, against the bondwomen and bondmen, and the useless ones of that saga, that is to again say, against the Cushite, and the designated estranged.

This thing, set in the courses of time, the land of their passion, and so from the ones who sold them, a terrible implication, and so, of those of the former, those who were Muslims, Hebrews, Sosumu, or those who considered themselves, Pretanoi, African Israelites, Mauritanians, Iushadites, it is our assertion that these reclaimed their history by availing themselves of the promise found in the prophesy (however deficient it may have come to them) by returning to the original command, and hence, freeing themselves from the curse. And that by absence of the same, those of the latter, who did not, remaining then within the claim and imputation of the ones who had sold and misnamed them. And we are grateful unto Elah that the two groups have been made distinct and easily distinguishable, for of one group, when they are persecuted, when they are impoverished, when they suffer injustice, reclaim their heritage and receive that afore mentioned dina, needing not to involve themselves in multiple nuances of variable and rarified complainings of defeat and magnificent excuses, or and with endless debates as a cover for fears and cowardice, or with those who present themselves near unto the duty of the prophecy in some fashion, but who abscond whenever there is a dilemma. And of these? they show themselves to desire the negative things just mentioned, and to love the ones who impose upon them the disparities herein outlined, seeking then not to be free, but only to be like the ones who have power over them because of the deprivation they choose against the root, and they then remain what they are, and are without remedy by a blame to themselves alone.

In regards to those organizations and institutions of learning, so called, it has become obvious, especially in more recent years, that it is from these in part, that purposeful confusions and divisions are caused, to weary mankind with foolishnesses for the purpose of allowing a more ready mode of procedure by then the investment firms that fund them. For obvious reasons the peoples  are fed up with bickering back and forth over various religious debates and historical theories, each day a ‘new discovery’ a new crisis, to ensure that the attention of the people is diverted from a very easy thing to comprehend. To some of those whom they have named by their dealings to an obviously invented acculturation, perpetual victimization is encouraged, and charlatans are to them appointed to keep them in a designated status where inheritance is always prevented. To then perpetuate the drama for the purpose of ensuring a certain type of individual as representing the whole of all of the same or those of similar characteristics. It is clear that, In order to safeguard the viability of any cause, these must be guarded against and removed from any good effort, for of that association mentioned prior to them of whom we have to do, we must say that against the same these latter ones ever disrupt those efforts, are always counterproductive to what we are doing. Those designating themselves as a virtue of visible characteristics to a particular ethnic identity as to then be superior based upon those characteristics alone, are but a fruitless and impractical nuisance, resistance against the unequal application of laws and programs by said agents and their agenda for a business serving acculturation can not be achieved by the grandeurs of the Misnamed. 

To those who made themselves the purveyors of religion, we submit that they have now again before them the practice and disclosure of it from the most ancient of times, a reassertion and triumphant reaffirmation of the preserved practice of the Baribi peoples. Not only in care of the regions of their first emergence, but now also in regards to the places where the same have prevailed by joining that designation of themselves unto the Quryana, and vice-versa. These have overcome the blunder, and have triumphed over the great insinuation, for in regards to those purveyors, we with much peace affirm that, failure to receive this practice is tantamount to a refusal to separate from the old mishaps and bondage, the old curse and imposed ploy. Now, much more so than by blood genealogies alone, the determination of whether or not one is from a  royal lineage is determined by the choice that the same makes in regards to these things, in other words, in regards to receiving Islam. Failure to make the right decision is also an obvious choice amongst and for the disruption and excuses, and then a predilection to remain but within the same spirit which is conducive to the victimization and discombobulation designed against mankind. And so, regarding the ones of those institutions and their investors, the latter, the Estranged, are a valuable tool needed to obscure and dissipate the mandatory purpose and work of the Cushite peoples.

Let it be made clear in regards to those persecutions, and that more specifically in regards to those ships and bondages already mentioned, that it was, we assert, because of that trauma, that a vexatious  insinuation was created to linger in the very environment of history, a kind of thorn in the side of the record of those who were the blossoming seeds of that terrible epic and saga. It was of necessity that the trauma was to be addressed, and we assert that also, it being answered successfully, also meant the beginnings of the spoliation of those institutions and agencies designed to operate from the confusion and division which from it had become so beneficial. In fact, it is answered and cured by the receiving of Islam, those who designated themselves away from the ones named from their desire and misnamed before the epochs, rescuing themselves then with the divine aid, and refusing the silent affirmation of adherence to that original erroneous charge and claim for perpetual bondage. In regards to the executives of the enslavements in that aforementioned ancient region, we assert that, until they realize their blunder, until the disposition thereof which remains with them in all their transactions is relinquished and renounced to receive the true root of the original vanguards, our involvement with them has no real purpose or value, only the establishment of the dina of Elah in the regions where they are, their condition and predicament also is only relieved by the  receiving of Islam.

It is evident that there is and has been an imposition imposed upon the peoples presenting itself as an authentic religion, supported, not by the actual events which occurred in the time of its emergence, but rather by its being useful to goals of neo-colonialism and nationalism. Like Rome which sponsored Flavius Paulus, so now still, that religion from the same spirit which we now speak of is yet still ‘government sponsored’, the agents of the work of exploitation are in favor of its propaganda and expounding. It would seem that even the dullest of individuals would be able to see this, nevertheless, there has been, under the surface, a continuation from that time, striving for the true dina, and so for the restoration of the actual events regarding Christ. But some individuals who were the main principles of the oppressed, whom also againstit was altered, who think now to just ‘opt out’ and follow a coward’s path with a government friendly religion are mistaken in their buffoonery. To the ones who keep them duped, the expounding of that fabricated religion is good for business, and the same have encouraged many Johnny-Come Latelies who think to have a special insight on ethics, to expound as a staged jester, that same old amalgamated con as if to have something novel and holy, and that from a book fashioned by comedians near Yevnah, what challenge is it to live ‘holy’ to the capitulator?

What kind of power or system could do something like that to a man? and that while the same spout about holiness, to demand integrity from others, all while at the same time hypocritically ignoring scriptures like II Tim 3:16, I Cron. 18:4, II Sam 8:4 and the so many others. Perhaps the same powers which took these things from its natural setting and bleached them to fit a need of its own agenda, making such a one expound the very things which have been used to ensure his own deprivation? These individuals, under the intoxication of those corporate sponsored theologians, and in their unescapable need to operate from cowardice and personal contort, conveniently accept the story which has been presented to them, convincing themselves of having free will within a framework they dare not seek escape from.

So far advanced in the conformity are they, that the reclaiming of any truth it might have is seen as ‘an alteration of scripture’, the same scriptures which told them that Ham was cursed, and that they must submit to the ordinance and powers of Rome to please some god, the one whose representatives converted tithes of beasts into financial obligations. These things must be said, they are necessary, though we say them with peace, and though we know that these same ones have been, and will become, our biggest opponents, continually seeking the approval of the ones from whom they only honor, fearfully with a boldness afforded to them, seeking acceptance to continue to expound that religion from which the first slave ship was named. Sadly, those who empowered the jester have themselves begun to suspect what they knew all along, that it was a useful tool for racial esteem and economic agendas, but its hypocrisy and obvious errors, now becoming too obvious not to implicate them as fool also, are seeking now themselves to by some means ‘opt out’ of the very association which supported them. Having taken whatever benefits it had to offer them, they now, many of them, seek a new benefit, a new source of power and or authenticity, and we have mentioned above the latest attempts of some of these to try and fashion Islam into a subjugation of their own personal needs, historical discoveries of curiosity, language, agenda, and nationalistic goals, into somehow then now a subordination of what first enriched them as religion. While the jester is on his stage thinking himself to be in a favored association with them, and so, propounding the foolishness which deprives him of any assets, decency, or inheritance, the ones just mentioned who controled the false and amalgamated agenda and religion, who have tricked him, have moved on to take yet another benefit to themselves for globalization and other purposes. And the goal of the thing they serve? it is the same now as it was then, to sabotage Islam and present it as either irrelevant to, or subjected in contrast to thier own program.

Let us say that what is actual and spiritual precedes what is manifest physically, for instance, if a merit voucher system or digital dollar enactment is for the social and environmental welfare of the people, then an option to vote for it should be in place, not banking executives and investor firms making the decision in the name of the populace. What is of true spirituality is that then which warns against the plans and deeds of the Devil, and we advocate for the benefit from which a replacement was sought, tangible and less manipulatable personal ownership of assets and reserves, not a new dollar scheme which must be used to cover up deficits which were beforehand promised to be surpluses.

Gold backed debit and credit cards not dependent upon a digital currency system, for the exchange of services and the engaging in commerce, should not find resistance and opposition from those who deny an intent to control assets, opportunities, personal ownership and autonomy. Any advocate who claims to aid in these things apart from the procedure of due process is obviously an agent of the banker’s politicians. The true ethical message is that which advocates for, and allows one personal holdings of tangible precious metals to be accessed at will and used as liquid assets, for this reason our markets and masgid must be preeminent in establishing a proprietary network of allocated accounts in leu of yet an even better system. Perhaps, instead of a ‘pre disruption engagement program, (code for identifying and removing those smart enough to figure out the defrauding scheme of injustice) we should implement a ‘corporate detainer program’, a program to bring to justice and charge the agents of the banking conglomerate criminals who have caused so much ruin the world over.

The Quryan reveals to the earnest seeker not only these teachings, but also many others, it has always been amazing to us, relating to those who demand a certain kind of Peace from the practitioners of Islam, that they do so without demanding it from certain other agencies, those agencies who’s atrocities, organizations, investors and conglomerates, are renowned for violence the world over, and cause untold numbers of disruptions and chaos.

Sadly, in addition to that, there are a number of religions propagated by those whose ancestors were neither Jews nor Christians, but who in fact we’re pagans, as was already said, who have now injected themselves into a process as representatives of the Messiah, while at the same time denying the land and the culture from which Messiah came. As was said, there are many who refer to themselves as the representatives of Islam, but who are not, and whose smiles conceal another intent in their hearts, they speak of one whom they honor amongst themselves as being a ‘founder’, but of something which started later in history, the name and principle of which, from the root they know not. With the many challenges presented against Islam in recent times, if the application of oneself to Islam is facile, then these challenges are not necessarily recognized as consequential in their attempts which cause confusion to many. Also, let no one say ‘I have this Kiryan,’ or ‘I keep only this Quran,’ or ‘mines is separate in its oneness from another!’ for, does what you have then prove empirically Islam as the very first dina (religion)? can it do it without relying upon fables or persons from those who claim their religion as proceeding it?

But Qeryan reveals also who Messiah is from history, and this, demonstrated in the very letters and symbols of Torah, and not only Messiah, but the antiquity of the names of various prophets and messengers, things which certain afore mentioned fable writers have purposely tried to conceal.

For instance, of that true mount Sinai which is an Arabia, the Mount of Almonds, we convey to you who are interested in the assurances of Islam, as is our duty, that  there are individuals and groups, not all, but some,  who have purported to represent Islam, who have not expounded it sufficiently, neither in its preservation, nor in its delivery. And it is sad to say, that there are gradual reforms planned by both unjust agencies and by individuals who have purported to be the representatives of Islam, as was just said, and so, a gradual reform of laws which plan to implement a form of Islam based upon, not submission unto Elah (tav sala tala Elahi) which demands the removal, exposure, and repulsion of corrupt authorities and agents, but instead, a form of practice which creates a subordinate class in the name of a peace subjugated under an oligarchy, by which the equality of power creates wealth for a selected few at the expense of the masses. We definitely have suffered our number of attempts from the above mentioned schemers, companies like Print Printers of Citicap Channels, agents like their Ashish Bansal who chose to designate himself as one a noble group but with planed agents, tried to sabotage us by unethical practices, sadly, a very soiled and degenerate situation demanded from one of those agents.

Many things were glossed over throughout history in the interests of parasitical programs, the absence and ignorance of which, has caused many of these problems the world over. Those then made tranquil and docile under its sway, the kind of peace that demands that one carelessly sits by and allows another to destroy their history and culture, wealth, and rights, this is not the kind of peace that Elah and true Islam is requiring, and those who have claimed to be representatives of Islam, who have capitulated to the persuasion of some of the most degenerate of those agents afore mentioned, have not understood the nature of Islam, and are but distractions. The Qeryan develops and demands from its teachings and procedures that which is otherwise, for wherever it is established in the world, it is by its very commission and nature, designed to remove the deceiver and the oppressor, the agents of lies, greed, deception, murders, and chaos. Let then the old pranama of all of India find its style according to this instruction, for all peoples should bring their religions back to their origins to meet the standard of Islam from which they emerged, and not attempt to reduce Islam down, and distill it into an amalgamated practice of ‘all faiths’, the boundaries of ethnic lines removed for some humanitarian notion as a universal benefit. Let the other be done, not the erasing of distinctions as one for another for coexistence as peace, but by finding them answered as a unity from that authentic origin. And we say again that no true dina divides the peoples, or mouths talk about evil while convening on set days to overlook advocates for the appointments of ones for the same, true Islam is always detrimental to the schemes of evil, and the sinister designers would like nothing better than to remove the efficacy and power of Islam by amalgamating it into some type of humanitarian soup. Correcting and removing the errors leved as Islam is not an invitation to reduce it down to the failures of humanity, and individuals who are trying to join Christian churches with Islamic mosques are but combining one failure to another. And let it be said that we know and have found that the best tools of those agents are those mentioned ‘capitulators’ above, who, while claiming to represent some sort of resistance, are the best instruments for those agents to prevent the initiative of Islam, let them look upon these pictures presented with hatred and schemes, but Islam will prevail.

Again and again we will inform men, that Islam is the first dina (religion),  and since all major religions and their true forms are derivatives of Islam, the motives of those who honestly seek oneness and the best for humanity as a concern for all peoples, should endeavor in whatever religion they are in to correct themselves according to the practice and standard of it. To those who are still misguided and offended mainly because they are in a particular pattern which true Islam will have to oppose, we say, consider what you are in, and who gave it, consider the names of those who received entitled privileges at Yevnah, the prophesy, and the slave ships which came from the same. Of those who are interested in endless debates, we don’t have time or the interest for debates, we assert that if the religion that they are of was, or is, as important as they say it is, they would be too consumed with it to bother us about debates. To think that Elah would not preserve the right to restore and rectify the blessed dina  to mankind when others have so disrespectfully falsified it and led men astray against it is a mistake. And those falsifiers? they are indeed those then who have, and who now engender the notion of a sort of ancestorial background, which by supposed cultural relations, underdevelops other regions to access for themselves goods and increase their own living standards, and so that then in the name of trade relations, economic growth, entitled characteristics of the philosophy, even religion, but, and especially by the latter, as a goal of identification for one’s own supremacy and independence, never made disparate to that claimed hierarchy and the interests thereof, as the sinister priests of the past, so they inspire and reward those of like disposition unto an adoration of the same as good and spirited ones, and those who retain their self respect and honor are persecuted. Strive with us regarding the persecution of Muslims in Palestine, the Sudan, in India in China and other places.

In summation, we assert that the correct understanding of Islam is an understanding of it at it was revealed from the beginning, and hence, understanding it from the way in which Quryana was and is disclosed and restored. And that, not as a ‘new and modern book or interpolation’, on the subject, but rather as a sort of extrapolation from its existence in antiquity from the preserved symbols, inscriptions, writings and other forms of the same, preserved then from recorded history. The pre-existence of its former state as recorded in ancient history, the succession of its prophesy and prophethood must be understood from those components, and not from later disfunctions and sect divisions as in its name, theological disagreements between the distinctions of the latter do not allow one to either truly and sufficiently understand the relevant issues of Islam, or adequately apply themselves against the many political and social differences against it being engendered by purposely planned confusions and latent religious forces. These forces are, again we assert, able to use misconceptions and doctrinal confusions (aided mostly by misplacing Islam in history) as a tool for the misapplication of one’s representation as a Muslim, the Islamic society must exist as a unified force from one foundation, and that root, as Kiryan discloses, is from the very first instances of the ancient past, and is so unmovable and unassailable. The vision and concept, the essence and discourse, its existence before all of the ploys for disunity, is but an action which concludes from that substructure, being then mandatory values and conduct from what are the sure proofs of its substantive reality in and from antiquity. Let those therefore called unto it and so inclined, become the example for those who depend upon Islam by whatever style of it they may encounter, let their disposition be after this fashion, not for debates about traditions, terms, customs, and practices, but for economic reforms, extra-regional supports, for a presence before political actors, in essence, for a love of Islam, its inviolability then by the veritable assurances Elah provides. Who then should bring the truth about Islam’s verity, who can present it, who should restore the proofs of its ancient practice to what is extant, someone from one of those misguided universities, an anthropologist or historian from those same corporate associates? when would those so called scholars and historians bring it unto thee, at the beginning of their next scheme, or at the end of their next design of malingering? the answer we assert is obvious, these truths, preserved in the ancient records and cuneiform tablets regarding the origins and ancient practice of Islam are not then ‘theories’. Lastly, we ask that only those interested in the practice of Islam, (because of the limited supply), be the only ones to purchase Kiryan, we do not need purchases from those wishing only to satisfy their curiosity.

In the Quryana you will learn and find these things;

The miraculous way in which the Quryana was disclosed and came to be as a restoration, including why the parchments of papyrus from Egypt and other parchments from Byblos had to be named as such, by which then also Islam cannot be denied as the first and only true dina (religion).

II. The qiblas of ancient history and the Salamu clans.

That the personage of Isa (peace be upon him) is not the same as that of Jesus.

Who the real Messiah of antiquity was, and what Messiah is today, included whether or not there was a real crucifixion.

The proofs of the names of the prophets, especially Musa, and the origins of the names of Mahmid, Muhammed, (peace be upon), and how the latter especially was hidden and coded in some of the books which were tampered with, including the name of the ancient Israelites, their expectation that another law giver was to be given, and how that name (which was encoded as just mentioned) was destined from within, and according to that process to be revealed.

How the first symbols which make up the principles of Islam were preserved unto the first letters and languages, the principles, the ideographs, the tradition, the pictograms, the cuneiform, the ensigns, the concepts, the hieroglyphics, and so the duty of man from the same, with also the empirical proof of Islam as the very first religion, with the new interests in the Sumerian, Cushite, Akkadian, Canaanite histories ect.. of origins and records, Quryana shows that they are from, and must be disclosed by an expounding from the light of Islam.

How the Quryana is not a ‘new revelation’ of Islam, but a reaffirmation of it, a kind of unique procedure, an unapologetic reaffirmation which answers from an intrinsic principle its restoration, as also questions answered from an extrapolative historical revelatory process, and not as an attempt directed at any  external misconception’s as to interpret errors, how every so-called ‘proof’ or ‘proofs’ against the validity of Islam is easily disproved.

How some of those ‘holy books’ which were tampered with had in them a pre-planned scheme to sabotage and deny the truth and origins of Islam, and why we speak of the historical Iushadites, for if those who call themselves Jews today would keep the original Torah, by necessity of it, they would have to practice Islam, and the old Calanai practicing the original pranama.

The origins of and meaning of the name of Elah (which is not necessarily the same as its similar attestation by some groups).

How all the major world religions started as a seed witihn the anceint practice of Islam.

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